Music Projects

Plastic City

bella wagner‘s plastic city information project is meant to connect people in hopes of

raising awareness for a very important issue. it is a reminder to everyone that we are living in the age of plastic, and that it is high time to rethink our attitudes and ways.

plastic is making us sick. we
MUST free the world from the poison of plastic.

Weapons Down

The PEACE SONG "Weapons Down" is focused on humanity. It describes the results of war - from the perspective of innocent victims. Weapons Down is a revolution of the heart and mind - FOR PEACE, FOR LIFE !!!

Amadeus Music Award Nominee 2017 (Best Songwriter)


Metamorphosis describes the transformation, development and self-discovery of human being. We live in symbiosis with nature. If we destroy it, we are destroying ourselves.

Devils Eyes

 ......beware it´s a trick.It begins in a smoky bar in No Men´s Land where the Diva is singing from the bottom of her soul. He´s stunned by her appearance. A red flower she is, wrapped in black, unapproachable. Johnny tries to lead her into temptation but the Superchick won´t let him capture her soul….


Vienna Fashion Week


HOT STUFF Bella Wagner & Band


HOT STUFF Bella Wagner 


HOT STUFF Bella Wagner Trio 

pop/soul /jazz

HOLTER&MOGYORO feat Bella Wagner